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Larry’s fast selling, non-fiction, Vietnam Army Aviation action, and history book BLADES OF THUNDER (Book 1), ISBN 978-0-578-15637-8, was published in mid July 2015.  BLADES OF THUNDER (Book 1)has received all FIVE STAR reviews on AMAZON and through email.   You can order a signed copy by emailing Larry at LDandridge@earthlink.net or calling him at 843-276-7164.  A signed copy of this hit book direct from Larry is $17.99 plus $4.99 shipping. Make sure you send your mailing address where you want the book sent and your email address and phone number with your order. If you want a personalized note like:
“TO: Robert Lightle Thank you for your brave and selfless service! Sincerely, W. Larry Dandridge ---- please include that in your order.

​​​A retired Army Master Aviator.  Larry Dandridge is the chief operating manager, editor, and a writer with Tigers, Vikings, and Vipers Publishing, LLC.  His leadership, aerospace, business, and logistics articles have been published in over 24 magazines, journals, and newspapers and two books in the US, Germany, and England.  The recipient of four Silver Quill Awards, he was the proposals manager and senior writer for over 75 winning proposals for the logistics and business process re-engineering sectors of the companies he has been employed with.  He is an expert in creating successful business plans, simplified technical manuals, winning proposals, clear and concise lean six sigma process improvement charters, procurement plans, performance work statements (PWSs), quality assurance surveillance plans (QASPs), safety plans, quality plans, technical and management plans, communications plans, HAZMAT handling plans, and other business related plans. Larry’s fast selling, hit, non-fiction, Vietnam action, Army Aviation, and history book BLADES OF THUNDER (Book 1) was published in mid July 2015. His planned books for the next three years include non-fiction BLADES OF THUNDER Book 2 of 2, a police fiction novel, and a children’s book. His book Blades of Thunder Book 2 of 2 is scheduled for publication in January of 2017.

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